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Ducks at the Klingnauer Reservoir

Every year hundreds of dabbling and diving ducks such as teals, pintails, pochards and tufted ducks spend the winter at the Klingnauer Stausee. With a bit of luck, other winter guests such as the great white egret, the moorhen, the greylag goose and the kingfishers can be photographed.
1. December to 31. March
Klingnauer Stausee (Aargau)
min. 4 hours

100 Fr.- per hour + 150 Fr.-


dabbling ducks, diving ducks, greylag geese

Aim of the workshop

Learn how to take impressive pictures of ducks and other waterfowl.


Arrival and departure is the responsibility of the participants

You can determine the length of the workshop yourself. The minimum duration of the workshop is 2 hours.


You own a DSLR or a DSLM and know their basic functions. Recommended focal lengths are:

-Telephoto lens (min 400 mm)

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