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Workshops 2021

Have you always wanted to photograph a certain species? You want to improve your images of animals? I offer you workshops, which exactly meet your wishes!

1 on 1 Workshops

Photograph together, support at any time

Your calendar, your schedule

Your workshop whenever it suits you!

Individual coaching

Course program, tailored exactly to your level

Valuable feedback - even after the workshop

Just send me the photos you took during the workshop and learn even more!

Didn't see the target species?

No problem! Only pay the secondary price.

Not the workshop you are looking for?

Create your own workshop!


"You are accompanied competently and your questions are answered with a lot of knowledge. Any time again!"

"Absolutely recommendable workshop with a young and ambitious wildlife photographer."
"All I can say is WOW!"

All workshops are customizable to excactly your level. Together we spend the time on location with photography. During the workshop I will give you tips on how to improve your photos. Before and after the workshop you have the possibility to send me photos by mail. My critique allows you to learn even more from the workshop and to improve your wildlife photography further.

All courses are free to choose in the given time periods as long as I am available on the proposed date. However, as a student I am quite limited, especially during the week (Except Workshop Beaver). However, I am confident that we can find a date. The earlier the proposal arrives, the higher the probability that I will be available on that date.

The workshops all take place with wild animals. This may also mean that certain animals do not behave as we hope. If the promised animal species, printed in bold, does not show up at all, only the secondary price in brackets has to be paid. This depends on what other species and photo motives the location offers.

general terms and conditions

1. conclusion of contract

1.1 Registration

The contract between you and Nicolas Stettler comes into effect with your written, electronic or telephone registration and becomes effective. From this point on, the rights and obligations of the contract become effective for you and Nicolas Stettler. I therefore recommend that you read the following General Terms of Contract (or AGB) carefully.

1.2 Subject of the contract

Nicolas Stettler undertakes to provide the agreed services. Special requests are only part of the contract if they have been confirmed by Nicolas Stettler. As a participant you are obliged to pay the agreed price in due time. You are responsible for the journey to the place of departure and for the timely arrival.

2. payment, all-inclusive price and rental

2.1. price

Arrival, overnight stay, entrance fees and food and drinks are not included in the price.

2.2 Payment

The secondary price must be paid in advance of the workshop. If the target species (marked in bold) has been seen, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 30 days after the event.

2.3 Rental of lenses

Nicolas Stettler offers you to rent a tele lens for Nikon F-Mount. An additional fee of 50.- per workshop will be charged.

If the lens is damaged during the workshop the participant has to pay the repair costs. In case of a total loss it is up to the participant to replace the lens within 30 days.

3. cancellation and rebooking

3.1. by you

In case of cancellation a handling fee of 50. In addition, you pay a fixed percentage of the primary event costs depending on the short-term nature of your cancellation:

on the same day: 100%, the day before: 80%, up to 2 days before the event: 40%, up to 7 days before the event: 20%, up to 14 days before the event: free of charge

3.2 Through Nicolas Stettler

If there are circumstances which prevent an execution, Nicolas Stettler can also withdraw from the contract at short notice. This concerns in particular the case of illness. If no equivalent replacement programme is offered, you are entitled to a refund of any payments already made. Further claims are excluded.

4. program changes

Activities with Nicolas Stettler usually take place in all weather conditions. In your interest, Nicolas Stettler reserves the right to make extensive changes to the program and other services (e.g. accommodation, transportation) if it is in accordance to the goal of the workshop. With your registration you agree to any changes in your booking. Any additional or reduced costs will be charged or refunded to you. Furthermore, Nicolas Stettler reserves the right to change the program on the way.

5. complaints

If the services provided do not correspond to the description or if they are defective, you should immediately request redress from Nicolas Stettler. If your intervention does not lead to a solution, you demand a written confirmation of your complaint from Nicolas Stettler. Your complaints and possible proposals for compensation must be made in writing no later than 4 weeks after the event.

6. insurance

Our arrangements do not include insurance cover. I recommend that you take out comprehensive accident insurance, including mountain risks and rescue costs, as well as patronage with the Swiss Air Rescue or an equivalent company.

7. liability and compensation

Nicolas Stettler offers you the greatest possible security; nevertheless, a residual risk can never be completely excluded. With your booking you expressly acknowledge this fact and waive any claims for damages or other liability.

8. applicable law

The contractual relationship between you and Nicolas Stettler is subject to Swiss law.

For workshops organised by Natur Schule See Land, the general terms and conditions of Natur Schule See Land apply.


Local winter guests

In this workshop we will search for different water birds like tufted ducks, common merganser, gadwall.

Ducks at the Klingnauer Stausee

Every year hundreds of dabbling and diving ducks such as teals, pintails, pochards and tufted ducks spend the winter at the Klingnauer Stausee. With a bit of luck, other winter guests such as the great white egret, the moorhen, the greylag goose and the kingfishers can be photographed.

An evening at the beavers

A workshop about the beaver living in the middle of the city. The big rodents have become accustomed to humans and can be photographed relatively easily. Apart from the beaver, we also devote ourselves to the other inhabitants of the river such as the Mute Swan, Great Crested Grebe, Gulls and more.

Backlit common terns

More than 50 pairs of common terns breed in Fanel every year. In the evening the elegant birds can be photographed while hunting. We can try out different light situations. With a little luck the common terns can even be photographed in front of the sun. Besides the common terns, we can also photograph various gulls as well as reed warblers.

Alpine ibexes on the Niederhorn

The Niederhorn in the Bernese Oberland is home to a variety of alpine animal species such as ibex, ptarmigan and chamois. Together we set out in search of these charismatic animals. But the impressive Alpine panorama should not be missed out either.

Individual Workshops

Your very own personal photo workshop. You determine our target type. Together we will look for a location and do research on the internet. On site I will give you tips and tricks how to improve your photography.

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