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Alpine ibexes on the Niederhorn

The Niederhorn in the Bernese Oberland is home to a variety of alpine animal species such as ibex, ptarmigan and chamois. Together we set out in search of these charismatic animals. But the impressive Alpine panorama should not be missed out either.
1. May to 30. Septembre
Niederhorn (Beatenberg)
Saturday 10.00 to Sunday 14.00

750 Fr.- (700 Fr.-)


Alpine ibex, rock ptarmigan, citril finch, alpine cough, (golden eagle)

Aim of the workshop

You can photograph the alpine ibexes in their habitat. You learn to work with different perspectives and compositions.



You own a DSLR or a DSLM and know their basic functions. Recommended focal lengths are:

-Telephoto lens (min 300 mm)

- Wide angle

- Standard zoom

Other Workshops:

Local winter guest

In this workshop we will search for different water birds like tufted ducks, common merganser, gadwall.

Beaver (via Natur Schule Seeland)

A workshop about the beaver living in the middle of the city. The big rodents have become accustomed to humans and can be photographed relatively easily. Apart from the beaver, we also devote ourselves to the other inhabitants of the river such as the Mute Swan, Great Crested Grebe, Gulls and more.
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